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Why We Never Have Sold Chinese Products

A couple of weeks ago China officially announced that it was keeping it's “One Child Policy.” You know, the national policy where women who get pregnant more than once are either heavily fined or forced to abort their children. This has also lead to the infanticide of female babies leaving China with a very unnatural male / female ratio.

From the National Catholic Register comes another story of an 8-month old baby aborted against the parents' wishes:

After running afoul of China’s One Child policy, a Chinese couple expected to be hit with a fine. But instead, officials demanded that the woman — who was in the eighth month of her pregnancy — have an abortion, according to a new Al Jazeera report.

I don't care how nice the working conditions are at the Catholic statue factory or how much we are improving the standard of living for those painting porcelain night lights, we will never sell Chinese products as long as China has it's barbaric one-child policy and keeps persecuting Christians.