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Why We Don’t Carry the Pieta Prayer Book

Pieta Prayer Book
Pieta Prayer Book

There is a very popular prayer book available called the Pieta Prayer Book. It typically has either a blue or orange cover and the image of Michaelangelo's Pieta on the front. The book is full of wonderful prayers and is very affordable. We sold several hundred when we first opened our store.

Unfortunately, we found that the prayer book also contains private revelations from people who haven't even been recognized as Venerable by the Church and there is no indication that these revelations have been in any way approved by the Church.

Since we first opened our policy has always been “Good Faith. Guaranteed.”  which means that we don't carry many popular books including the Pieta Prayer Book because of the private, unapproved revelations they contain.



  1. Please let me know when the The Parish Book of Chant is available. Thank you.

  2. Miss Cherry Berry

    I have scrolled past your site when it pops up in a search engine when I am looking for the Pieta
    prayers online, but this time I decided to come in and read around. I am sad that there are
    prayers that are not agreed upon that cause some to walk away from the 15 Pieta Prayers. I’m 58 and have had a Pieta book since I first received it at 19 at a retreat. The 15 prayers changed my young wild life to where I found love, marriage and my children. And thru my life I still had challenges, failures and successes but the Grace God first gives thru the. 15 Pieta prayers has NEVER left me to this day, this moment. I can’t say that I have been dedicated to any other prayer in the Pieta book but IF there is something that contains heresy God can handle anything. These prayers must be so strong that satan must be sure that he interferes be cause he is on loosing ground and must do all that he can to convince us to stay away from the Pieta book. Readers– don’t be afraid, God is everywhere, even here at this website, He knows what is said for Him and against Him; His grace is everywhere, Believe in Him and where He leads you, that’s all you have to do, Heresy, I think might just be man’s opinion not God’s.

  3. Thank You for being staunchly Catholic and sticking to what we know for a fact is true. There are just too many loop-holes nowadays that are turning people against the Faith and leading them away… just because we “feel” something is right, even if the Church hasn’t spoken on it, doesn’t make it right.

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