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Why We Aren't Carrying Heaven is for Real

Heaven is for Real
Heaven is for Real

If you’ve been paying attention to the book world lately you have probably heard of the bestseller Heaven is for Real, about the little boy who supposedly paid a visit to Heaven during surgery.

We’ve had two customers come into our store this week looking for it.

I’m sure it is a very uplifting book but like other private revelations, we really have no way of verifying any of it. This is why we have had a policy since we opened of not carrying books about revelations or apparitions that either haven’t been officially approved or were revealed to people that haven’t been started on the process to canonization.

One of the great things about the Catholic Church is that there are official ways that revelations get vetted. If you don’t have a magisterium, then really anything goes.

It’s all part of our Good Faith. Guaranteed. policy.

Why We Aren't Carrying Heaven is for Real Erica

I am a Catholic who has recently come back to the fold. I did not read the book, but I did see the movie late Easter Sunday. I found it to be beautiful and inspireing. For those who have not read the book or seen the movie, I find it difficult to understand how they could have an opinion on something they've never read or seen. If you truely have Jesus in your heart, he will tell you what is true and what is not. As for me, the only thing I brought away from the theater was tears of joy, an over whelming sense of peace, and a greater love for my fellow man. I hope this movie is able to bring people closer to the Lord, even if they aren't Catholic.....yet. I hope everyone can feel the joy I still carry with me today in their own lives. God Bless you and keep you.

Why We Aren't Carrying Heaven is for Real Shamrock

Laura..you make a good point about this book but what is being

said here also makes good sense. In other words, it is very possible this book could be ( as in the case of your friend) a starting point for some not really solid in their faith, an impetus to go further. At that point it is nice to know, if asked, you can point to this bookstore, as a place for really solid Catholic literature for those deeply interested in becoming more versed in their faith. Knowing this store will only carry books that are solidly Catholic, you can recommend without worry. That cannot be said about every book purporting to be solid Christian in Barnes and Noble, for example. God can use any and all things to bring about His Will.

Why We Aren't Carrying Heaven is for Real adriene

Good for you for not carrying the book. We are *catholic*, which means we follow the CATHOLIC church. There are plenty of visions by saints if you people want to read about them. Unfortunety, most won't becuase they don't want to hear the TRUTH. Check out Padre Pio, no sugar-coating from him...

Why We Aren't Carrying Heaven is for Real Laura

I believe this book is meant to get people thinking again. Your audience (customer base) seems to be good, strong Catholics who know their Faith and don't "need" a story like this. We Catholics faithfully practicing our Faith sometimes live in a Catholic bubble where we can easily forget that we are a very small minority in he world. Don't carry the book, fine. I am glad that Barnes and Noble and Borders and Amazon and Costco and and and...

This little harmless story has helped my fallen-away friend start asking questions about God, the Church, the afterlife which she'd totally tossed aside.

Preachin' to the choir an't gnna save no souls.

Why We Aren't Carrying Heaven is for Real Karla

Why do people who claim to be Christians consistently seek information on what heaven is like? God has provided us with everything He wants us to know in the original, official book...THE BIBLE. Having said that, I am not against reading a book like "Heaven is For Real"....if read for entertainment purposes only, and not as a source for spiritual growth or affirmation. The answers one seeks in regards to 'what is heaven like?' or 'what happens when we die?', etc. are found in His Word.

Marcia @ Takingthyme.com
Why We Aren't Carrying Heaven is for Real Marcia @ Takingthyme.com

I just finished reading the book, but I wanted to see what the Catholic stance on it was. I was reading it purely for pleasure, not as spiritual reading. When I am reading my spiritual reading, you bet I am going to follow this ~ "One of the great things about the Catholic Church is that there are official ways that revelations get vetted. If you don't have a magisterium, then really anything goes."

Well said! Thank you for providing us with solid Catholic reading!

Elizabeth D
Why We Aren't Carrying Heaven is for Real Elizabeth D

What a good policy not to carry books about unapproved apparitions or those that did not involve people in a process of canonization. I highly endorse your policy and the good care that Aquinas and More takes in choosing what to sell. There are too many, who should know better, who contribute to the confusion of the faithful by selling questionable books to make a buck.

Why We Aren't Carrying Heaven is for Real Therese

To the folks at Aquinas and More: I support your decision! There is such an abundance of books and other materials about apparitions and revelations that are approved (and proven to have affected people in wonderful ways), that there is no need to bring in books that are not approved by the church. The reason I shop at your store is because I know that I will always find excellent books, and that you never put a book on your shelf without researching it first. God bless!

Barbara Haytas
Why We Aren't Carrying Heaven is for Real Barbara Haytas

....and Jesus said, Let the children come to me ...unless you are like

little children you will not see the kingdom of heaven....and the child brought them fish and loaves that Jesus used to feed 5,000..... but the

Pharasees and the Sahedrin doubted....that child has no business...

only the faith of Moses is Good Faith, G u a r a n t e e d by the ones

who kill prophets, Saints and abuse little children. Shame on you!

Why We Aren't Carrying Heaven is for Real John

No, shame on people who accept private revelations without proper authority. What a mess we are in. It is the extensive vetting of the Catholic Church that protects us from mental illness, diabolical trickery, and outright fraud. Catch a clue.

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