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Catholic Street Evangelization

Thieves. Gang members. Drug dealers. Evangelists.

Meet the St. Paul Street Evangelizers. Started by Steve Dawson, the street evangelizers have spent the last four years spreading the gospel on street corners around the world.

The evangelists are regular Catholics committed to sharing the Good News. But some of them took a little extra grace to get there. The stories in Catholic Street Evangelizers are stories of divine intervention, conversion and reaching out to those in need.

Listen as I talk with Steve Dawson about:

  • The origins of St. Paul Street Evangelizers
  • The training you have to go through to get involved (it's easier than you think)
  • The amazing stories of some of its members (you'll need to get the book for most of them)
  • What happened when one of the evangelizers went to meet with the head of a gang in Chicago.

Catholic Street Evangelization - Stories of Conversion and Witness

For the next week, save 20% on an inspiring book that reads like pulp fiction – except that it's true:

  • The gang leader shot nine times who now hands out Miraculous Medals
  • The murderer who found forgiveness and now shares the Good News
  • The family that found a renewed zeal for the Faith because of a Baptist boyfriend
  • How teens in Flint, Michigan are spreading the Faith and praying for hundreds of intentions a week

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  1. While working with SPSE I have had the pleasure of getting to know some of these guys in the book.  I hope everyone enjoys reading the book and getting to know the people who are representing our faith to the fullest!

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