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The Invisible World – A Tiber River Review

The Invisible World
The Invisible World

Through the ten chapters of the book you will come to know the invisible good and what to watch for in the invisible warfare.  The one who works hard to pull us away from our ever loving, merciful God.

Mr DeStefano states this in the first chapter:  “Once you’re armed with a kind of certitude, three things will naturally happen: (1) It will be easier for you to act in sync with your moral beliefs; (2) your life will be much fuller, richer and more exciting than you ever imagined possible; and (3) no amount of suffering – physical, mental, or emotional – will ever be able to destroy the profound inner sense of peace that you’ll experience on a daily basis.”  That’s a pretty strong statement, and I can say after reading the book and a number of personal experience that happened just following the book (no coincidence, I am sure), it’s true.
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