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The First Eucharist Dress

I have 4 children – 1 boy and 3 girls. Anyone that has both sexes will agree there are so many differences between raising boys & girls and one of the most distinctive for Catholic kids is the First Eucharist attire.

Steven's was a no brainer: shirt, tie, vest, dress slacks and dress shoes. DONE! For the girls, it should be so easy too, right? Not so much! Girls need accessories and the most important is THE DRESS!

I made my oldest daughter's- Melinda, First Eucharist dress, she picked the pattern and we found the material and as the story goes, with family and friends, help it got finished (dog chewed through the sewing machine cord- but that's another story) When daughter #2, Alexa, was to prepare for her celebration I was also preparing to sew her her own dress that she may one day pass down to her daughters or granddaughters.  At this time in my life, I was no longer a stay at home childcare provider, I was working at our church as the Director of Children's Ministries.  And for whatever reason the dress my daughter picked out was not coming together properly, whether it was the pattern, the material or the seamstress – I guess it doesn't really matter- it just wasn't working. I asked my daughter what she thought we should do, she said ” I told you, I wanted to wear Melinda's dress anyway … can I just do that?”

Well, duh? Why not … we already have that dress and even though these two girls have diversely different body types it fit absolutely WONDERFUL!  What a wonderfully easy solution. Melinda wasn't so keen on sharing her dress but then I reminded her, she also had her flowergirl dress that was hers and hers alone, and what an exciting element that is being added to this dress – it is made by me and will be there for any of the future granddaughters to wear knowing that it was worn by all the Stauffer girls on there First Eucharist day!!  She liked that idea then. As for daughter #3, she didn't have a choice nor did she want one, she was excited about wearing the dress and couldn't wait! We were able to individualize their outfits for them. Melinda had a simple bow barrette with a small veil in her hair and nylons that were replaced 2 because of runs!  Alexa chose a wreath with a little veil on it, gloves, tights and shoes with a bit of a heel to give her height. And Kyla wore a little shawl over her, had a little veil on a comb and painted her fingernails.

Little girls and their dresses are just such a precious and blessed site! I know how special I felt in mine and I was quite unique as mine wasn't white! It was the most beautiful pink with little white polka dots. I loved my dress ! I so hope that my girls have the same special feeling.

We all know, its not what they wear that makes the day important and to be celebrated but to know my daughters were wearing something I created they day they received Christ for the first time is a treasured memory indeed for me!

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