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Set Free to Love – A Tiber River Review

Set Free To Love
Set Free To Love

Five years after the death of Pope John Paul II, the world is still unwrapping his lessons. Some of his more pragmatic teachings, like those on the Rosary and ‘the gospel of life’, were quickly studied and discussed.

But compared with these teachings, John Paul’s ‘theology of the body’ didn’t receive a ton of immediate interest. Like a small, unattractive present under the Christmas tree, it took some time before the world became intrigued. Slowly, however, people have begun flocking to the Pope’s splendid wisdom on this topic.

The ‘theology of the body’ is a collection of teachings on sexuality, relationship, and gender, among other themes. The teachings emphasize marriage as a participation in the Trinity, and encourage ‘self-giving’ love as the basis for all relationships. While beautiful, the theology is very dense, which has led to slow acclaim from the general public.

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