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My First communion

I grew Up In a rather poor family My Mother was a heavy drinker who never attended Mass so we never knew what it was.When I was Little I met a Nun Named Sister Helene Marie who rather quickly took me under her wing,she knew my sad situation with my Mother And How I was being mistreated.I told her I really wanted to make my first communion because I loved how pretty all the girls looked in there white dresses.I know this because my next door neighbors were catholic.Well she loved me so much she signed me up for the classes when time came to make my first communion she brought me the whole outfit dress shoes gloves and veil.I can't tell you how happy I was .afterwards she took me to a place called bonanza where I ordered honey dipped chicken mmmm.After we ate she gave me a beautiful little art kit because she knew I liked to draw.Me and sister grew very fond of each Other .She became like a mother to me.I will never forget her kindness.A few years ago she wrote me and told me she was dying of cancer,I ran to her side.I was with her until she left this world.Because of her I came to know the lord and I will never forget her.We became life long friends.My heart broke that day But the memories of My first communion and my friendship with sister will last Forever.

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