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Motherless – A Tiber River Review


What an amazing read! Motherless, by layman Brian J. Gail, is a must-read for all Catholic adults who want to understand the Church’s teachings on all bioethical issues: contraception, abortion, euthanasia, IVF, human cloning. All of these issues are brought to light in this fictionalized account of a priest, his close friends, and his parish.

Based in a parish in suburban Philadelphia, this book details the ups and downs of long time parishioners who are in the prime of their careers. All of the characters must choose between following Church teaching on bioethical issues or continuing to climb their respective career ladders. For instance, Michael Burns is the owner of an amazingly successful advertising agency that may be bought-up by a conglomerate, one of whose prominent clients is “Protected Parenthood”, a proverbial Faustian deal.

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