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Talk to your Mother

May, The Month of Mary

This entire month of May is dedicated to our Blessed Mother, Mary.

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Mary and JesusTraditionally, May has been celebrated as the month of “new life.” This has been true even for the ancient Greeks and Romans who each had goddesses that represented the blooming of new life. It is easy to see this because the earth seems to be coming back to life when winter is over and the flowers and trees begin to sprout their beautiful, lively colors again. Mary is also a bearer of new life. She literally brought the Life to the world in bearing her Son, Jesus, whom destroyed our death or “winter” of sin. God, working through Mary, gave us new life.

Similar to the earth bringing forth new life, so does the role of a mother. It is in her divine design that God forms all of us: “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you…” Jeremiah 1:5. So not only does Mary get honored this month, but every mother (Mother’s day) because every single one of them is an ark for new life in this world.

Why should we honor Mary?

In the old Davidic Kingdom when the King was away or was being stubborn at fulfilling his subjects requests, the people would turn to the queen, the king’s mother. They knew with confidence that she would take their intentions to the king and intercede for them. For what son can refuse his mother? This is true with Mary
and Jesus. Not that Jesus is refusing to answer our prayers, but imagine how much more earnestly He would answer them when they are brought to His feet by His mother.

God has deemed her worthy to be crowned the Queen of Heaven. She has power over both heaven and earth still humbles herself to care for us and our every need. St. Louis de Montfort described the angels as being eager to carry out her requests. St. Louis even says that St. Michael himself, the commander of God’s angels and Prince of Heaven is the most zealous at fulfilling Mary’s petitions. If St. Michael the Archangel honors Mary to such a high regard, then should we not as well?

How can we honor Mary this month?

Simple, pray the rosary. In all the hundreds of apparitions of Mary she has constantly called us to pray the holy rosary for the salvation of souls. This is an easy, yet powerful way to honor her this month. It has been said that each time we pray the rosary, a rose is added to the crown of Mary. This isn't something that needs to be done alone or in private. Many churches this month have started praying a rosary as a congregation before each mass. Pray it as a family and allow Mary to wrap her mantle of peace around all of you.

Another common way of respecting Mary’s queen-ship is by crowning her statue in your church with a crown of flowers.

Don’t be afraid to show your love for your holy mother by wearing her Miraculous Medal, which she gave the design for herself. Although small and rather common to most of us, the medal is actually quite powerful and comes from another request of our mother. To learn more about the history of the Miraculous Medal, click on the picture of the Blessed Mother:

Miraculous Medal

Above all, just talk with your mother this month. Tell Mary everything that is on your heart and ask her to bring you closer to her Son. She loves each one of us immensely and will do anything to get us to heaven. Show her how much you appreciate her love,care and sacrifice for you. This goes for both your earthly mother who brought you into this world, as well as your heavenly mother who will carry you to the next.

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