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Marketing Blogs To Read

While there are plenty of great Catholic blogs to read, as a business you need to step out of that arena into the world of marketing blogs to learn more about how best to promote your store online. This is a list of sites that I visit a few times a week for tips on SEO (search engine optimization) and how best to promote our website.

  • Hey Ian, thanks very much for including my blog on your list of must-see marketing blogs.


  • Woops. I forgot to mention that http://www.copyblogger.com and http://www.seofaststart.com are also good places to keep an eye on.


  • Therese

    I clicked on the ShoeMoney blog today, and I must say that I am extremely disappointed to see you supporting a blog that is hosting a contest where the grand prize is a trip to the playboy mansion.

    • Ian

      Good point. I haven’t been over there in a while. I’ve removed the link.