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Making Your First Communion Banner Project Painless

First Communion Banner PatternsAs April approaches, our Churches start to take on a curious change. Even the plainest architectural designs are made festive with what has become a common tradition: First Communion Banners.

Whatever your feelings are about them, if you have a child in a First Communion program you will probably have to glue something together in order complete the program. It's true that these banners don't really add much to the sacred atmosphere of the Church and often time (I dare say) appear a little tacky. But the fact remains that working on a project like this with your son and daughter can be a useful tool for explaining the symbols of the Eucharist.

If you'd like to make your First Holy Communion banner project as painless as possible, we have some First Communion Banner Kits that will help you immensely. The pieces are pre-cut so you don't have do do any cutting or sewing. Your child will enjoy the time with you, you can reinforce your child's understanding of the Eucharist, and you'll finish up in no time.

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