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How To Measure For an Altar Server Cassock or Alb

How To Measure For an Altar Server Cassock or Alb

How to Measure for an Altar Server Cassock

Are you trying to purchase a new cassock or alb for your young altar server? Are you confused about how to measure for a cassock or alb for young servers?

Fortunately, measuring for cassocks and albs for children is pretty easy.

First, have your server stand up straight wearing the shoes he would wear for Mass.

Next, measure the height from the first bone you can feel in the back of the neck to where you want the bottom hem of the cassock or alb.

Altar Server Alb

Typically, the hem line should brush the shoe laces. You want to make sure that the vestment isn't so long that the server will trip over it but also not so short that he's showing off his socks.

Take the measurement in inches and find the corresponding size alb or cassock.

If you are purchasing an alb, you will probably also need a cincture. Make sure that you check the length and get a style that matches what the rest of the servers in your parish use.


If you are purchasing a cassock you will also need a surplice. While cassocks come in odd and even sizes, surplices only come in even sizes. If the cassock you are purchasing is an even size, get the matching size in a surplice. If the cassock is an odd size, choose the next size up for the surplice.


A caution about cassocks:

If you are measuring for a cassock for an adult or a large teenager, you may be tempted to try and squeeze into a size 18 cassock to save money. Please don't. You need to order an adult cassock.

Read our guide for measuring for adult cassocks and albs.

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