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Four reasons you should get a Catholic calendar

Four Reasons You Should Own a Catholic Wall Calendar or Desk Calendar

Cat calendars are cute and have their place but how about something that can help you as a Catholic?

Here are four reasons you should get a Catholic wall calendar or desk calendar. (Maybe put it up next to the cat calendar.)

Catholic Wall Calendar

1) You won’t forget the Holy Days of Obligation. Remember those few days each year that don’t fall on a Sunday where you still need to go Mass? Like The Feast of the Immaculate Conception, for example. If you don’t have a Catholic calendar you might not even notice that December 8th has passed. Do you know what the other Holy Days of Obligation are in the United States?

  1. Queenship of Mary (Jan 1)
  2. Ascension Thursday (40 days after Easter in some places)
  3. All Saints Day (Nov 1)
  4. Immaculate Conception (Dec 8)
  5. Christmas (Dec 25)

2) It will help you remember your family birthdays. Joseph? Paul? Lucy? Have you forgotten them? With a Catholic calendar you’ll get the anniversaries of all your extended family – the saints! Part of being Catholic is to live as the Catholic throughout the year, not just for an hour on Sunday. Here are some things you can do to remember the saints:

  1. Have a special dessert on your saint’s name day.
  2. Find a novena for the saint and pray it. You’ll need to plan ahead for this since novenas typically END on the ninth day.
  3. Learn a little. Find a saint’s memorial for a saint you don’t know anything about and get a book about him.

Catholic Desk Planner

3) It will remind you that your home is a “little church”. Did you know that each month is dedicated to something? You can take the monthly dedication and make it part of your family activities for the month. Check out our list of monthly dedications and start planning. If you are getting a Catholic desk planner, it will also help you organize your time while keeping the saints right next to you throughout the year.

4) It will beautify your home. Each month of the Catholic Calendar features a classic work of art and an inspirational quote. You might actually want to frame the pictures at the end of the year!


Gregorian Calendar - Pope Francis



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