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First Communion Resources kathy

Would love to hear each unique stories. Thank you!

First Communion Resources aquinasandmore

This mis-directed program kills millions of babies a year. I guess that's really not that important though.

What if Buffet had been alive during WWII and was giving a few million to the company that ran the concentration camps? Would that still be okay?

First Communion Resources Matt

This article is so incredibly rediculous!!! Planned parenthood is not a great establishment, I will agree. However, this man gave 40 Billion to save billions of lives around the world and you have the nerve to complain that a few million (less than one percent) is going to a miss-directed program called planned parenthood! He certainly cannot be accused of population controll when so many will be saved in places like africa.

First Communion Resources charlotte

On the subject of Planned Parenthood....did you guys hear about Colorado legislator Ted Harvey?

You probably did, but in case someone missed it here is the link.