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Feast and Litany of Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Pray For Us!

The feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel was first instituted in the late 14th century in commemoration of the approval of the rule of the Carmelite Order a hundred years earlier. According to legend, a religious community was established even before the time of Christ on Mount Carmel. This is the mountain overlooking the Mediterranean Sea on which the prophet Elijah successfully challenged the priests of Baal and won the people to the true God. The feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel entered the Calendar of the universal Church in the early 18th century.

Although there is no historical evidence for the pre-Christian Carmelite community, references in the 12th century record a community of monks on the holy mountain. Despite continual difficulties, the community built a monastery and church dedicated to the Virgin Mary on Mount Carmel in 1263. Saint Louis, King of France, had visited Mount Carmel in 1254, and brought back six French hermits for whom he built a convent near Paris. Mount Carmel was taken by the Saracens in 1291, and the brothers were killed and the convent burned. The spread of the Carmelites in Europe is largely attributable to the work of Saint Simon Stock (1247-65). The Carmelite Order was formally approved in 1274 at the Council of Lyon.

Among the best known Carmelites today are two women: Saint Theresa of Jesus (Theresa of Avila – 1515-1582) who despite many difficulties reformed the Carmelite Order (the Discalced Carmelites); and Saint Edith Stein (Theresa Benedicta of the Cross – 1891-1942), a Jewish convert and philosophy professor, who was killed at Auschwitz, canonized in 1998, and proclaimed “co-patroness” of Europe in 1999.

Litany of Intercession to Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Lord, have mercy. Christ, have mercy. Lord, have mercy. Christ, hear us. Christ, graciously hear us.

God the Father of Heaven, have mercy on us.
God the Son, Redeemer of the world,
God the Holy Ghost,
Holy Trinity, One God, have mercy on us.

Holy Mary, pray for us sinners.
Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Queen of heaven,
Our Lady of Mount Carmel, vanquisher of Satan,
Our Lady of Mount Carmel, most dutiful Daughter,
Our Lady of Mount Carmel, most pure Virgin,
Our Lady of Mount Carmel, most devoted Spouse,
Our Lady of Mount Carmel, most tender Mother,
Our Lady of Mount Carmel, perfect model of virtue,
Our Lady of Mount Carmel, sure anchor of hope,
Our Lady of Mount Carmel, refuge in affliction,
Our Lady of Mount Carmel, dispenser of God's gifts,
Our Lady of Mount Carmel, tower of strength against our foes,
Our Lady of Mount Carmel, our aid in danger,
Our Lady of Mount Carmel, road leading to Jesus,
Our Lady of Mount Carmel, our light in darkness,
Our Lady of Mount Carmel, our consolation at the hour of death,
Our Lady of Mount Carmel, advocate of the most abandoned sinners, pray for us sinners.

For those hardened in vice, with confidence we come to thee, O Lady of Mount Carmel.
For those who grieve thy Son,
For those who neglect to pray,
For those who are in their agony,
For those who delay their conversion,
For those suffering in Purgatory,
For those who know thee not, with confidence we come to thee, O Lady of Mount Carmel.

Lamb of God, Who takest away the sins of the world, spare us, O Lord.
Lamb of God, Who takest away the sins of the world, graciously hear us, O Lord.
Lamb of God, Who takest away the sins of the world, have mercy on us.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Hope of the Despairing, intercede for us with thy Divine Son.

Let us pray.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel, glorious Queen of Angels, channel of God's tenderest mercy to man, refuge and advocate of sinners, with confidence I prostrate myself before thee, beseeching thee to obtain for me [insert your request here]. In return I solemnly promise to have recourse to thee in all my trials, sufferings, and temptations, and I shall do all in my power to induce others to love and reverence thee and to invoke thee in all their needs. I thank thee for the numberless blessings which I have received from thy mercy and powerful intercession. Continue to be my shield in danger, my guide in life, and my consolation at the hour of death. Amen.


There are just too many 'red flags' for me to ever want to "consider" going to Medj. Even if I did have the thousands of dollars to do so, that would not be where I'd go! I would hope a "definitive word" would come from our Pope, and soon, but from most 'devotees' that I've encountered, (some are quite possessive and uncharitable when it comes to anyone 'doubting' the visions/visionaries) it doesn't seem like that will matter one whit to them. Many are very 'rebellious' and have a defiant "stick-it-in-your-ear" attitude, so if it IS condemned, I see a big 'schism' occurring. Therein lies a victory for Satan, who wins possibly potentially a million or more souls. He doesn't care if a few thousand or a few million are 'better Catholics' if he can devour a few more million. 1.5 million visit there a year. He's got his eye on many of those 'gullible and fickle ones!' The late Fr. Robert Fox said, "Stick with the approved apparitions" and I'll take his advice to heart. God rest his soul. He was a wise and humble, obedient priest and holy man of God.

waterinckx mark
waterinckx mark

Sorry, Jane, but I only saw now your suggestion on April 6 2009.

I have been 24 times in Med. Is that enough for you? My conclusion :

It is a fraud from the beginning

Desobedience is the mark of Med.

The 'seers' live in luxury

The franciscan promoters have all been punished by the church :

1° Fr. Slavko Barbaric died in full disobedience. It was forbidden to him to stay in Medjugorje, where he died suddenly

2° Fr. Tomislav Vlasic has been laicized by Rome as 'manipulator of consciences'

3° Fr. Jozo Zovko has been suspended 3 times and now banned from the region and lives hidden in Austria

The promised 'sign' never came

And what about the famous (6x) 10 'secrets' of the 'seers'?

All nonsens.

Satan permits 'the good feelings, the devotion of the pilgrims' to disappoint them much more after Rome says officially "NO authentic apparitions in Medjugorje"

We have enough with the daily H.Mass, the H.Sacraments, the Creed, the rosary, adoration,etc.

Therefore we do not need false 'apparitions'

Pax et Bonum to everybody.

mark waterinckx


It is very hard.

I have visited Med and found it amazingly peaceful and an instant refresher for the soul. Suddenly you get a stamina for prayer, from nowhere!

But I agree about the disobedience, and why would the Gospa say he was a living saint. But also I can not find reference to such a message in the published messages and I have searched for this reference. Maybe helied about this. There is no mention of him that I can find. There is also this "Friend of Med" person who seems to depart from Catholicism in important ways and has all the marks of an egotisticsal manipulator.

I have wondered whether Mary has a message according to our time, and obedience is not expected these days. There was an excommunicated Australian Sr Mary McKillop who has been canonised by the Church! Perhaps the world is such that wherever she came and whoever she chose, manipulative people would come and get in on the act. But it seems troubling that Fr Vlasic was there at the start and Mary chose that situation. I am deeply troubled by the whole thing - it is a worst nightmare to have the concept of a demon apparition. Another saint had satan appear in splendour and knew it could not be genuine because of that. But the seers descibe heavenly beauty deriving from goodness not from features or aesthetics and can the devil fake that? But why would satan promote prayer? How does he win souls when all who go there renew a prayer life in some way, large or small. I have no answers, we can only pray :0)


To Mark W.

It is my suggestion that you visit Medjugorje and give yourself an opening for the truth there. Then afterwords, I would be interested to know what your visit gave you in information towards what you wrote here for all to read.



mark waterinckx
mark waterinckx

Of course the Vatican’s commission has investigated the activities of Vlasic in Med. He was the first spiritual leader. The CDF accuses him of MANIPULATION OF THE CONSCIENCES. He was spiritual leader of the ‘seers’. Isn’t that clear enough?

The Vatican has confirmed the jurisdiction of Bishop Peric of Mostar by asking him to publish the Roman decree against Vlasic

Vlasic has his headquarter in Med.

He writes frequently in the “Echo of Med.”

He made a nun pregnant already in 1976. The child Toni was born in Germany on Jan. 15 1977. His mother was Sr Rufina, now again Manda Kozul. I possess the original copies of the many loveletters between Vlasic and this nun in that time . He manipulated her in a diabolical way.

In a letter to the pope he called his bishop ‘satan’!

‘Seer’ Marija Pavlovic made a public statement against manipulator Vlasic

Because of disobedience to bishop Zanic he was removed from Med.(where he arrived after Zovko was put in jail by the communists) to Vitina, which parish he left for living together with Agnes Heupel, who now says ‘Our Lady of Med. is not true’

After he was accused of holding satanic séances by a sister of his own community ‘Queen of Peace’ in Chieti-Italy he was degradated from superior to a mere member by a canonical process of a church commission in Italy.

It is Vlasic who invited the charismatic leaders of the whole world to Med. and who started the now thousands of prayergroups…

In the very beginning he wrote an Italian booklet together with Fr Slavko Barbaric PRO Med.

He has told me on taperecorder in Italian how he received ‘messages’ in May 1981 from Fr Tardif and Sr Briege Mc Kenna in Rome during an international charismatic meeting one month before the start of the fraud in Med. in June 1981.

Before 1981 he held in his parish in Capljina strange ‘charismatic’ trainingssessions with youngsters(also the ‘seers???’)

He perjured 2x before his bishop

Because Marija Pavlovic saw him sleeping together with Agnes Heupel in Italy, she left disappointed his community and married Paulo Lunetti.

Vlasic was particularly close to the 2 ofm-rebels, Ivica Vego and Ivan Prusina, who were disciplined by the church on Jan. 29 1982, and defended by the ‘Gospa’!!!

As you see, I have a big file about Vlasic and his involvement is such that he was like the ‘Rasputin of Med.’ I have many documents to prove what I’m saying.

Always available for more info

Pax et Bonum

mark w.



Here is an interesting article about the writings of Sevant of God Luisa Piccarreta:


It seems there have been translation issues with them, due to her dialect. Until an established Catholic publisher picks up the works and does faithful translations into English, I don't think Aquinas and More should carry them. Sometimes we just have to wait on these things.


I think it's important to note that it is Fr. Vlasic's activities after he left Medjugorje that are the cause of the Vatican censure. As far as I know, the Church has not reached a conclusion on the validity of the apparitions at Medjugorje. I understand why Aquinas and More would choose not to carry literature about such an event, but that doesn't have to prevent us from being encouraged by the conversions of life and blessings that God is bestowing to visitors, whether or not the apparitions are eventually determined to be valid. God appears to be interested in blessing his loved ones at every opportunity.

Stephen DiCarlo
Stephen DiCarlo

Saint Hannibal Mary Di Francia was the confessor to Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta. Will you now carry the Divine Will books? Keep up the good work.


The Gospels place only seven "words" upon the lips of Our Lady and it is interesting to note that three of them refer to specifcally to obedience: "I am the servant of the Lord", "Let it be done to me according to your word" and finally, "Do whatever he tells you."

Obedience then is one of the marks of a true child of Mary and sadly it has been lacking with those associated with Medjugorje, who have not obeyed their superiors, be it the bishop or religious provincial.

As Nick says, let us pray for the gift of obedience, that we may then be truly like Our Lady and even more so like Our Lord Himself, who was ever doing His Fathe's will and became obedient unto death.


Thank you for this news, and thank you for only including approved apparitions in your bookstore - you have no idea how much you're helping the Church just by doing that!

Let's pray for God to give the grace of obedience to all souls. :)

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