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Dunk Father in the Tank – It's Catholic Carnival Time

Thank you for visiting the Aquinas and More blog this week for the Catholic Carnival. Let's take a browse around the store and see what's new.

Prayer and Spirituality

In the Prayer and Spirituality section we have a post from Deep Furrows on Ignatian Spirituality. We also have two new entries on going to Mass. The Bearing Blog asks "How come people only complain about my kids at Mass when my husband is gone?" We contribute The Liturgical Express for bishops who want to take good liturgy with them around the diocese. And Tom Reagan has started a series of reflections on Praying the Rosary.

Current Events
Under Current Events we get the happy news that soon you will be able to visit Planned Parenthood in between grabbing a bite to eat at the food court and shopping for hooker clothes at the local Victorias Secret. Along the same lines we have some thoughts on The Condom, The Crescent and The Cross from Purcell's Chicken Voluntary.

We also have some reflections on Murdering in God's Name and the Rambling Soccer Mom talks about the missing Grail from DaVinci's Last Supper. Professor Bainbridge also has thoughts on the Da Vinci Code and the heresies involved in "Jesus Christ as a Poached Egg?".

And for those interested in immigration we have some thoughts on Coming to America from Ales Rarus.

We also have a couple of announcements about the God Blog Con for 2006 and a New Vocations Blog.

For those who want to take a deep look into Catholic Media and where it needs to head, please read Quo Vadis? over at Disciples with Microphones.

Christian Living

Finally, our Christian Living section has a boatload of new items this week. Under the heading of "In but not Of" we have a post on the role of Faith at work by Herb Ely, Investing as a Catholic by the Hadleys, and a reflection from Elisabeth Lesseur on personal responsibility at Living Catholicism.

We also have reflections on the role of the Holy Spirit in Christian Love over at Heart, Mind and Strength and on the parenting front we offer Following Mary's Example by the Castle of the Immaculate and What do We Pass on to Our Children? over at My Domestic Church.

And my wife has written a post about trying to sell a house and find a home

Thanks for stopping in to visit! Come back soon!

Oh, and if you haven't visited this week's Carnival of Family Life, check it out.


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