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Five Inspirational Confirmation Gifts for the newly confirmed

Confirmation Gifts for your newly confirmed

1. Patron Saint medals

Patron saint medals can be engraved.
Patron saint medals can be engraved.

For Confirmation, everyone chooses a saint to become their patron. Much thought and consideration goes into this decision. Some people pick their saints because they have a personal connection to something the saint did in their own life. Others may decide on a particular saint because of what they are already the patron of (for example, a high school athlete might pick St. Sebastian, patron of sports). Some people put a little less effort in their decision making and pick a saint just because they like their name. Regardless of how our patrons are chosen, they become a part of us all the same. We take on their names as an extension of our own in hoping that we can live holy lives just as they did. So, receiving a medal of our new patrons is a constant reminder of our higher calling and the new identity that we take on through the sacrament of confirmation.

5-Way Sterling Holy Spirit Confirmation Medal
5-Way Sterling Holy Spirit Confirmation Medal

If you don't know who a person's Confirmation saint is, a piece of inspirational Confirmation jewelry may be just what you are looking for. One of the most common, is a four way medal. These medals typically have four devotions on them with the Holy Spirit in the middle. The four devotions are usually St. Joseph, the Sacred Heart, the Miraculous Medal and St. Christopher.



2. Rosary

White Cloisonne Bead Rosary - One of our perfect Confirmation Gifts
White Cloisonne Bead Rosary – Sterling Crucifix and Center

Confirmation is seen as becoming an adult in the church. Praying the rosary is a great way to continue to mature in our faith. Not only is it a powerful weapon against the enemy, it teaches us about our faith through all of its mysteries. All twenty of the mysteries have a fruit which they bear through our prayer. For example, the fruit of the fourth sorrowful mystery, the carrying of the cross, is patience. When we are struggling to be patient we can meditate on Christ's patience as He made the long journey with the heavy cross to the place of His crucifixion. By giving someone a rosary, you are giving them a tool that will help form them into the people God made them to be. You can also make it personal by getting a rosary with beads that are the person's favorite color or one that is made of unique materials such as roses.

3. Catechism

Introduction To The Catechism Of The Catholic Church
Introduction To The Catechism Of The Catholic Church

What better way to learn about our faith than from the Catechism? If you don't know what the catechism is, it's the complete Catholic faith compiled into one book. It shows how our faith is derived from the Bible and how we can live it out. This is a great gift for anyone getting confirmed because it teaches them about the sacrament and the gifts that they receive from the Holy Spirit.



4. Bible

Saint Joseph Confirmation Gift Bible
Saint Joseph Confirmation Gift Bible

B.I.B.L.E.= Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. If those getting confirmed don't already have one, get them a Bible. Just as the acronym states, the Bible is essential for learning how to prepare ourselves for heaven. The Bible might seem like a common gift but it is so important to our faith. Without it, we wouldn't have a solid foundation for our beliefs. So, don't think that getting them a Bible is a boring gift because without it they probably wouldn't be getting confirmed!

5. Crucifixes and inspirational crosses

Pewter Holy Spirit Cross
Pewter Holy Spirit Cross

The greatest act of love ever committed was Jesus giving His life for us on the cross. Show your love for the person being confirmed by giving them this incredible symbol and reminder of our salvation. The crucifixion was Christ's confirmation of His love for us. Our testimony or confirmation of our Christian faith should be strengthened every time we gaze upon Jesus on the cross. Give your loved one this opportunity to constantly be reminded about how much they are loved.

No matter what you decide to get your family member or friend for their confirmation, supporting them in such an important milestone in their faith journey is a gift in itself.

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