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Family Life

Christmas Pie – Yum!

This pie is an apple pie with cranberry and ginger in the mix. It isn't as sweet as your typical pie, leaning more towards a spiced wine taste but it sure tasted great on Christmas morning.

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Holy Family Ball

What better way to spend the Feast of the Holy Family than to get all dressed up and go to a dance with the whole family? Each year a family in Colorado Springs sponsors a Holy Family Ball at the Air Force Academy. Everyone is encouraged to dress up as much as possible for the event. The dance is held …

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Large Families – Not Just for the Poor Anymore!

There's an odd phenomenon being reported in tony enclaves across the country: highly educated, highly compensated couples popping out four or more children–happily and by choice. In Loudoun County, a suburb of Washington, four-packs of siblings rule the playgrounds. In New York City, real estate agents tell of families buying two or three adjacent apartments to create giant spaces for …

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The Evolution of Bedtime Prayers

Lucy (8): I pray for the conversion of Hugo Chavez. Anne (4) the next week: I pray for that guy who sells oil to be good. Susan (3) a couple of weeks later: I pray for the gas station guy.

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