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February Movies to Watch

My mom started posting lists of movies for each month related to the saints and feasts of the month. Here’s January and February.

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Geography Lesson

Andrew (6) There are two dangerous places in the United States. Yellowstone and Iowa. We later figured out that he meant Hawaii.

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Things I Learned on Our Trip to California (In no particular order)

No matter how many times the kids go to the bathroom before you leave the house, someone will have to go within an hour after you leave. Especially if you have just passed the last rest stop for 60 miles. Expecting the kids to use the the trash bag you gave them for their snack refuse is wishful thinking. No …

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Andrew (6): “I know a lot about spiders. Like, that they have ten legs.”

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As Annie came sobbing to the breakfast table this morning: “Why are you crying?” “I’m not crying (sob, sob). My eyes just won’t stop watering.”

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Dear Joe and Beth…

When you open this package and find the wedding gifts from our children inside, your first reaction will probably be “Do we actually have to save these?” The answer is of course, no. The reason why we have sent them is more for our children’s benefit than yours. You see, our children have a generous streak that usually manifests itself …

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