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Behind the Catholic Counter

Catholics are all wet. You know…baptized.

Baptism is a gift Jesus received and shares. Today we celebrate The Baptism of Our Lord, one of those events known in theological circles as, “a very big deal.” It’s a big deal on a number of levels, but one of the most important things it does for those of us out there in the pews on Sunday is remind us why we baptize. To paraphrase an old song, we do it because the Bible tells us so. That’s right. The fact that we baptize is proof positive that Catholics are Bible Christians…the original Bible Christians.

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Christmas Clearance Sale

Christmas Sale

Since it doesn't do us any good to be holding Christmas cards, books and other seasonal items in our inventory until NEXT year, we are offering them to you at a discount so you can set your mind at ease about getting ready for next Christmas. Why not spend next Advent preparing for Christmas instead of looking for gift wrap and cards?

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Last Minute Catholic Stocking Stuffers

Catholic Stocking Stuffers

The Catholic Reader When you think fiction you may not typically think Catholic fiction because, compared to the Protestant world of writing, there just isn't a lot out there. Even so, there are wonderful books that you can still get in time for Christmas for that fiction lover on your list. The first one on our list is Elijah in …

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Cyber Monday Savings

Save 30% on Ignatius Press Books   Save 30% on all Wall Crucifixes   Save 30% on all Jewelry   Save 20% on all Holy Heroes CDs   .99 on all Aquinas Catholic Classic Ebooks

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Ever Wonder How a Saint is Made?

How to become a saint

The current process for declaring someone a saint was established by Pope John Paul II in 1983 in the document Divinus Perfectionis Magister. This document continued a process of simplification started by Pope Paul VI during Vatican II.

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It’s our 13th Anniversary – save 20%

Thirteen years ago, on the Feast of St. Therese, we opened our first Catholic store in Black Forest, CO. The store was about 120 square feet. While we had a front counter and a couple of displays, the primary purpose of the location was to server as the shipping hub for our website.

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What’s Your Catholic Passion?

Footprints Documentary

We love it when we hear what our customers are doing with the life-changing products they buy from us. Earlier this year one of our customers bought packs of St. James prayer cards that were given out at a film pre-screening for a documentary about the Camino called Footprints.

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