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An Apology to Catholic Book Publishing Company

Three years ago our company sent a letter to Catholic Book Publishing explaining that we wouldn't sell any of their products from China. They responded with the letter reprinted below and threatened to cancel our account for not carrying their entire line as a distributor. Fortunately, they didn't follow through with the threat at that time.

A year and a half ago I published this post and said:

The official answer from the company is that low cost trumps any human rights violations that China engages in.

Now, since I am not in the habit of making things up and outright lying or writing posts a year and half after the fact, I believe that the post was prompted by either another letter from Catholic Book Publishing or a conversation with their management. Unfortunately, the post was so long ago and I have no proof of any further discussions, so the only evidence of an official response from Catholic Book Publishing is the three-year-old letter which states that cost is a small consideration and that quality is the primary consideration.

Further, the owner of Catholic Book Publishing says that they never sent any further correspondence nor had any other discussion with us concerning the China policy so I am left in the position where the evidence points to a lie on my part.

Therefore, I am offering an apology to Catholic Book Publishing for saying that cost was the primary motivation for moving more of their publishing to China.

Catholic Book Publishing Letter


Quality? Their small vinyl prayer books no longer lie flat because the covers curl. I don't see that as a quality improvement.


AND quality?? that is why a deacon with pages printed at 30ยบ off straight had to return the book to them before they would send another one and pay shipping both ways - that is not quality in my book. but what do i know as a lowly retailer


OH but allow me to jump on the CBPC bashing bandwagon. Just paying bills and looked at the shipping they charge for their orders. anywhere between 16 - 66% shipping charges. No apology, no gee we understand, no what can we do. JUST if you object you can call UPS. Well no i can't because they are the UPS customer not me. all other companies cap their freight - even more so now - except for oversize. Mind you we don't order onesies and twosies - these are orders of over 50 items (not including boxes of small prayer books).

And as booksellers we are stuck because they have the books that people want because they grew up with them. Can't get them from Ingram, so what are we to do?

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