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A Picture Analogy on Salvation from Msgr. Ronald Knox

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If you’re interested in the works of Ronald Knox, pick up his book The Creed in Slow Motion.

Betsy Marchand
Betsy Marchand

I like this but, although I think this analogy may have a lot of truth to it, I would find it insulting is i was a protestant. I think the best evangelization points out major differences like this in a way that does not imply that the individual is stupid, rather that their method/path to salvation is incomplete.

Perhaps the audience for this is meant to be Catholics, but we do not just preach to the choir. I love the analogy here and it is something i would share with protestant friends if it was not so harshly stated. I think its the "empty barrel" that does it.

I'm all for hard truths, but not implying that out protestant brothers have empty faith. We all share some Truth - we are all Christians - unity comes when hard truths and apologetics are accompanied by a loving acknowledgment of what we share


Another great illustration!

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