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Top 5 Confirmation Gifts

5 Top Confirmation gift ideas

The catechism has been studied, the saints have been researched, the names have been selected, the sponsors have been chosen—the celebration of the sacrament of Confirmation is ready to go.

Except for the gift! Another challenging event for gift-givers who want to do something more than stick a few dollars in an envelope, to do something meaningful that respects the importance of what happens at Confirmation.

Because Aquinas and More takes “good faith guaranteed” seriously, here are some ideas to help you celebrate and make the most of an especially wonderful event in the life of a Christian.

Celebrate the Holy Spirit

From jewelry, to art, to books and more, anything you give that fosters and encourages devotion to the Holy Spirit is a wonderful option for Confirmation. Over time, the Holy Spirit can often become the forgotten member of the Blessed Trinity in a Christian’s life, even though He’s the one who permeates our lives all day long as He proceeds from the Father and the Son. Emphasizing His presence is one of the greatest gifts you can give.

Confirmation Sterling Medal

Commemorate Sainthood

Confirmation candidates are encouraged to put a good deal of thought into selecting their Confirmation names. With the exception of some fairly exotic saints the Confirmation candidate in your life might select, the odds are good that we can help you find a medal celebrating his or her patron saint. We'll even engrave for you!

Engraved Patron Saint medals

Another option is to go with the ultimate saint, Mary the Mother of God, Spouse of the Holy Spirit. What better than a Miraculous Medal to help confirmandi (how’s that for a fancy word?) remember the day they were sealed with the Spirit.

Miraculous Medal

Hand on the Faith

This is a great way to fight the perception so many people seem to have that once a kid has been confirmed, learning is over and its just time to settle into a steady routine of Sunday Mass. Getting your Confirmation candidate a book that can help her or him continue learning and growing as a Catholic can pave the way for a lifetime of learning that provides the tools he or she will need to evangelize in word and deed, in whatever vocation Our Lord calls them to. You can choose the Catechism of the Catholic Church, a Catholic study Bible or any one of a number of books that explain Catholic teaching and practice.

Catholic Study Bible

Honor the Crucifix

Confirmation is a perfect time for a young person to begin an appreciation of how to join his or her own walk through life with Christ’s walk to Calvary and His sacrifice on the cross, and how all of the gifts of the Holy Spirit existed perfectly in Jesus, the Son of God. Take a look at the Aquinas and More selection of crucifixes; you’ll find a number of contemporary renderings available to capture and hold the attention of young people.

Confirmation crucifix

Give your soldier a rosary

“Soldier for Christ” is a piece of imagery that has gone somewhat out of fashion, but once upon a time, being confirmed was equated with becoming just such a soldier. No lesser lights than Pope Pius XI, St. Padre Pio and St. Josemaria Escriva have described the rosary as a weapon to be wielded against evil, so what better weapon to put into the hands of Christ’s soldiers than the rosary? Sure, your Confirmation kid probably already has a rosary from First Holy Communion, but what soldier doesn’t need an arsenal?

Confirmation gift rosary

Have a wonderful time celebrating your special someone’s Confirmation. May the Holy Spirit shine bright in his or her life always!

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