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3 Tips for Getting People Back to Mass

Get People Back to Mass

“I’m Catholic but I don’t go to church.” To regular Aquinas and More visitors, that statement probably makes as much sense as, “I’m human but I don’t breathe,” still people say it all the time. Parish catechists have a particularly hard time with that perspective. They spend an hour or so a week telling kids how important it is to observe their Catholic faith, only to have those lessons denied by family schedules that don’t make time for Mass.

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3 ways to follow The Way of Perfection

Way of Perfection

Next in our brief attempts to give you a taste of the rich spirituality to be found in the writings of St. Teresa of Avila—in honor of her 500th birthday—we’re going to take a look at The Way of Perfection.

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3 Ways To Get Started With The Way of Prayer

Get Started with the Way of Prayer

We’re commemorating St. Teresa of Avila’s 500th birthday with a few brief posts to give you an idea of everything she has to offer to anyone who decides to explore her spirituality. Just be reminded, gentle reader, that brief posts about the spiritual inheritance St. Teresa left us require the use of a shoehorn.

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Living the Year of Mercy: Visiting Prisoners

Visit Prisoners

It’s time for another Jubilee Year of Mercy look at the Corporal Works of Mercy— a service brought to you by Aquinas and More Catholic Goods in response to a mercy directive from management (a.k.a., Pope Francis).

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8 Things You May Not Know About Good Friday

Good Friday

It is Good Friday. The day of the Crucifixion. If you haven't seen the movie The Passion of Christ, we recommend it as a solemn preparation for the Good Friday Stations and Service. Here are eight bits of history and tradition about this most somber of days on the liturgical calendar.

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Holy Week for Holy Families – Growing in Grace

Holy Week - Holy Families

Holy Week can often be an overwhelming time for families, especially as they prepare for Easter festivities. However, it is important not to gloss over Holy Week, especially the Triduum. While some liturgies – in length or depth – may be difficult for small families to attend, there are still other ways to experience Holy Week as a family.

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