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Joe McClane – Promoting Your Media – CNMC

Joe McClane of The Catholic Hack Marketing isĀ  is like a tool box – the more tools the better! Two types of marketing: Terrestrial TV Radio Print Non-Terrestrial Podcasts Blogging Twitter Be passionate! Think outside the box! – put your blog address on your car. Take advantage of all opportunities to spread the word Be on iTunes a the top …

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Matt Warner – Using Social Networking for Maximum Gospel Impact – CNMC

“[Communication] should be used to promote the True, the Good and the Beautiful” – Pope Benedict XVI The world is a “digital continent”. All kinds of social mediums that we should be using to promote the Gospel – Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, RSS, etc. But what about the people who aren't into all this stuff? What about those who aren't going …

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Lisa Hendey's Talk on Writing a Great Blog – CNMC

Okay, battery's back so I can take notes on this talk. On what platform do Catholic's blog? Surprisingly, the runaway winner is Blogger. What does it take to have a great blog? Passion Only write about what you enjoy. Examples: Curt Jester, Testosterhome, Catholic and Enjoying it, Momopoly Social Getting other people involved: Fallible Blogma, LOL Saints Timely Post about …

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Notes From Fr. Roderick's / Catholics in a Small Town Talk at #cnmc09

Since I find that documents and notes I create tend to vanish into the ether, I'm going to blog Father Roderick's talk so I won't lose these notes. This talk is being given by Fr. Roderick and Mac and Katherine from Catholics in a Small Town. How do you make compelling audio? Catholics have a bad rap when it comes …

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